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The small light-touch tact switch is a set of light-touch switch with built-in light-emitting LED light composite switch. It has diversified appearance and also can meet the wave soldering and reflow soldering. commonly used in notebook computers, home appliances, electronic and electrical control buttons.
Illuminated Tactile Switches R2990L

•  Rating:50mA 12VDC
•  Contact Resistance:100mΩ Max.(Initial)
•  Insulation Resistance:1GΩ Min (at 250 VDC)
•  Dielectric Strength:AC 250V(50/60 Hz for 1 minute)
•  Operating Force:400±100gf
•  Electrically Life:10,000 Cycles Min
•  Ambient Temperature:-40℃ ~+125℃
•  Total Travel:0.5(0.8)mm
  Illuminated Tactile Switches R2990L Figure      Illuminated Tactile Switches R2990L Structure Diagram         Switch R2990L Structure Diagram       Structure Diagram R2990L


Part Number Rating Contact Resistance Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Operating Force Electrically Life Ambient Temperature Total Travel Download
R2990L-B-C 50mA 12VDC 100mΩ Max.(Initial) 1GΩ Min (at 250 VDC) AC 250V(50/60 Hz for 1 minute) 400±100gf 10,000 Cycles Min -40℃ ~+125℃ 0.5(0.8)mm NULL