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The recovery loss can be significantly reduced with the SIC diode SiC-SBD. Conducive to the high efficiency of the power supply, and the miniaturization of passive components such as inductors through high-frequency driving, and noise reduction can be achieved. It is widely used in power factor correction circuits (PFC circuits) and rectifier bridge circuits of air conditioners, power supplies, power conditioners in photovoltaic power generation systems, and fast chargers of electric vehicles.
Fast SiC semiconductor lnc. is a fabless design company specializing in sic power components. It mainly provides 650V~1700V SiC MOSFETs and SiC diodes. Currently, the only SIC MOSFET design can be used with conventional 12v silicon-based gate drivers. At present, the main application areas of silicon carbide will be in the high-power power supply market and various applications in extreme environments.
Product No. Reverse Voltage Continuous Forward Current Package Download
FC06002X 650V 2A PQFN3x3(MSL 1) NULL
FC06006A 650V 6A DPAK R2L(MSL 1) NULL
FC06006C 650V 6A TO-220 R2L NULL
FC06006D 650V 6A TO-220FP R2L NULL
FC06008A 650V 8A DPAK R2L(MSL 1)  NULL
FC06008B 650V 8A PQFN5x6(MSL 1) NULL
FC06008C 650V 8A TO-220 R2L NULL
FC06008D 650V 8A TO-220FP R2L NULL
FC06010C 650V 10A TO-220 R2L NULL
FC06016C 650V 16A TO-220 R2L NULL
FH06004C 650V 4A TO-220 R2L NULL
FH06006C 650V 6A TO-220 R2L NULL
FH06010C 650V 10A TO-220 R2L NULL
FH06020E-2 650V 20A TO-247-2L NULL
FH06020E-3 650V 20A TO-247-3L NULL