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Silicon carbide is a compound semiconductor with excellent mechanical strength, thermal stability and chemical stability. Its Mohs hardness is 9 and its melting point is 2830°C. It can only be etched with pure KOH solution at 600°C. Compared with the 1.12eV of silicon, the extremely high energy gap of 3.26eV of silicon carbide makes silicon carbide have the advantages of withstand voltage, high efficiency, stability, and heat dissipation.
Fast SiC semiconductor lnc. is a fabless design company specializing in sic power components. It mainly provides 650V~1700V SiC MOSFETs and SiC diodes. Currently, the only SIC MOSFET design can be used with conventional 12v silicon-based gate drivers. At present, the main application areas of silicon carbide will be in the high-power power supply market and various applications in extreme environments.
Product No. Drain-source Voltage[V] Drain-source On-state Resistance(Typ.) [mΩ] Package Download
FF06030Q 650 30 TO-247-4L NULL
FF06100G 650 100 DFN8x8 NULL
FL06100C 650 100 TO-220-3L NULL
FF06100D 650 100 TO-220FP NULL
FL06100D 650 100 TO-220FP NULL
FF06100F 650 100 TOLL NULL
FL06150A 650 150 DPAK(MSL 1) NULL
FF06320A 650 320 DPAK(MSL 1)  NULL
FL06320A 650 320 DPAK(MSL 1) NULL
FF06320B 650 320 PQFN5x6(MSL 1) NULL
FL06320B 650 320 PQFN5x6(MSL 1) NULL
FL06320G 650 320 DFN8x8 NULL
FF061K4 650 1400 DPAK(MSL 1) NULL
FF12040F 1200 40 TO-247-3L NULL
FF12040Q 1200 40 TO-247-4L NULL
FL12190A 1200 190 DPAK(MSL 1) NULL
FL12190G 1200 190 DFN8x8 NULL
FL12190I 1200 190 SOIC-8 NULL
FF17900E 1700 900 TO-247-3L NULL
FF17900Q 1700 900 TO-247-4L NULL