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The motor drive circuit can be driven either by relay or power transistor, or by thyristor or power MOSFET. In order to adapt to different control requirements (such as the working current and voltage of the motor, the speed regulation of the motor, the positive and negative control of the true-current motor, etc.). The function of the motor driver is to control the motor idle speed by controlling the rotation angle and running speed of the motor to achieve the control of the duty cycle.
AnalogSemi Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly from the industry-leading analog design enterprises Texas Instruments (Ti) and Adeno (ADI), with an average of more than 15 years of experience in integrated circuit market, design, testing, operation and mass production, and a large number of integrated circuit design and invention patents. Analogous to the semiconductor vehicle-level H-bridge intelligent ceiling driver, it can realize bidirectional DC brushless motor control with four external MOSFETs. It is widely used to drive several watts to hundreds of watts of DC brushless motors in the systems of electric tailgate, sunroof, window, door and EPB of automobiles.
Number Control Interface VM Max (V) Quiescent Current at Sleep Mode Typ(pA) Gate Drive Current Settings Current-shunt Amp Drift Offset Typ(pV/°C) Current-Shunt Amplifier Gains(V/V) Rating Competitor Download
DR702QAQFN32 Hardware 55 34 6 7 19.8 Auto DRV8701-Q1, DRV8702-Q1, A3921 NULL
DR703QAQFN32 SPI 55 34 8 7 10/19.8/39.4/78 Auto DRV8703-Q1,DRV8705-Q1, DRV8706-Q1 NULL
DR704QAQFN32 SPI 55 34 8 7 9/18.8/38.4/77 Auto MLX83100, A3922, A3924, BD16952 NULL
DR702DQAQFN32 Hardware 55 34 6 7 19.8 Auto DRV8703-Q1,DRV8705-Q1, DRV8706-Q1 NULL
DR703DQAQFN32 SPI 55 34 8 7 10/19.8/39.4/78 Auto MLX83100, A3922, A3924, BD16952 NULL