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Fast charging technology has flourished in the middle of recent years, and the charging power of electronic products has been continuously improved, creating favorable conditions for the development of the high-power mobile fast charging source market. The fast charging chip is a power management SOC for multi-port high-power fast charging applications. It integrates a microprocessor, a buck-boost converter, a fast charging protocol controller, and supports PD3.1, QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP and other mainstream fast charging protocols can be combined with a small number of components to form a 140W dual independent dual C port high power fast charging solution. Supplemented by a DC-DC chip, it can also be expanded into a 3-way independent CC+AA multi-port fast charging solution.
Chengdu MERCHIP Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the great cause of realizing the comprehensive digitization of analog power chips. The reconfigurable digital power chip helps customers to quickly customize the power SOC chip in 1% of the time, reducing the types of power chips by hundreds of times, and realizing a new design experience of power supply design with more convenient, powerful performance and higher power density for customers. Committed to digital power chip technology for communication, server, industry, automobile, new energy, Internet of Things and high-end consumer products.
Product No. PD3.1 ADC Accuracy Max Input Power Max Output Power Output Voltage Accuracy Charge/Discharge Efficiency Package Download
M12369 Y 16 140W 140W 10mV 98% QFN-48 NULL
M12359 Y 16 140W 140W 10mV 98% QFN-48 NULL
M12349 Y 16 140W 140W 10mV 98% QFN-48 NULL