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2018-05-02 11:32:00

Q 01.Does Netsol support industrial temperature range for Sync SRAM?

A 01.We can support industrial temperature ranges if there are any requests. Please contact the Sync SRAM manager of each branch or HQ directly. We're open for the inquiries and will be happy to support our customers' questions and concerns. Some devices need to be implemented in harsh, inclement weather conditions. To enable our products to work well in these conditions, we manufactured the parts to work with a broader temperature range.

Operating Temperature
Commercial 0~70℃
Industrial -40~85℃


Q 02.When will I receive my order? I need my order within this month.

A 02.It depends on the products. If your order is in stock, we can shorten the lead time. If not, it can take from 2 weeks to 10 weeks, so please contact local sales representatives for an accurate lead time.

Q 03.How can I read your part number?

A 03.Please refer to “ Part Number Decoder (Ordering Information)” in our site.

Q 04.How can I connect NC or DQ pins?

A 04.As the NC pins are internally really NC (not connected), it is possible to mount floating or grounding. However, in cases where DQ pins are used for a special purpose, we recommend you to mount floating.

Q 05.What is the lowest operating speed?

A 05.There is no low speed limitation among our High speed SRAMs(NTSRAM SPB/FT, SPB/FT). But DDR and Quadruple SRAM have the limitation of low speed to 120MHz.

Q 06.How is the SA (address pin) numbered?

A 06.In case of Address pin, user can decide the sequence manually and use it. (Exception of Burst address pin)

Q 07.How can I request information about a VHDL model?

A 07.Unfortunately, we do not support VHDL model. Instead, please refer to the Verilog model which is relevant.