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Our company provides a complete set of flexible and diverse 32-bit MCU microcontroller product solutions for market demand. We provide software and hardware technical support to build a simple, fast and efficient IoT application development platform. IoT applications, home automation, medical, sports fitness monitoring and other wearable smart devices can be customized for customers.
MM32 Application Case

RC Servo  Power Tool  PC/Gaming Accessory  BLE Remote Control  Auto Electronics  Display Solution  E-Vehicles  Wireless Charger 
DC Fan  Intelligent Lock Vacuum Cleaner  Printer  Smart Tag  LED Display E-Cigarette Smart Meter

Examples of application cases
Board Product Part.NO Program Feature Specifications System Block Diagram Contact Us
Printer MM32F103VET6
  ● One-dimensional and
      two-dimensional code printers
  ● Bill printing
  ● Wired and wireless printing
  ● ARM Corte-M3 runs up to 168MHZ
  ● Support SEKIO movement
  12V: CAPD-245 / CAPD-345 /
   24V: CAPD-247 / CAPD-347
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  ● Three-mode FOC high efficiency
  ● Support Hall start and motion control
  ● Cruise at fixed speed
  ● Protection function: over-current,
      under-voltage, stall protection
  ● Voltage: 48V
  ● ARM Cortex-M0 runs up to 96MHZ
  ● Support three-mode drive
  ● Single resistance three-phase current sampling
  ● Speed limit, current limit,
anti-theft function
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RC Servo  MM32SPIN222C
  ● High efficiency and high integration
  ● Integration
  ● Position and speed control
  ● Protection function: overcurrent
  ● Voltage range: 5 ~ 15V
  ● ARM Cortex-M0 can run up to 96MHZ
  ● Built-in Gate driver and 20V / 2VMOS
    tube X6
  ● Built-in single-wire half-duplex
    UART communication function
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Intelligent Lock MM32FPRNT
  ● Fingerprint, Bluetooth, keys,
      NFC unlock
  ● High fingerprint recognition rate, short         fingerprint comparison time,
     Fast response speed and low standby
     power consumption
  ● Rich data communication methods:
     UART / SPI /IIC / USB
  ● Passed Tesla test
  ● Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 105 ° C
  ● ARM Corte-M3 can run up to 168Mhz
  ● Built-in 512K Flash and 128K SRAM,          support multiple Fingerprint storage
  ● Standby power consumption 0.4uA,            standby wake-up time 230us
  ● Support multiple data collection                    methods
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