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Analog-to-digital converter, or ADC for short, usually refers to an electronic component that converts analog signals into digital signals. A typical analog-to-digital converter converts an input voltage signal into an output digital signal. Because the digital signal itself has no practical significance, it only represents a relative size. Therefore, any analog-to-digital converter needs a reference analog quantity as the conversion standard, and the most common reference standard is the maximum convertible signal size. The output digital quantity represents the size of the input signal relative to the reference signal. High-precision ADC can meet the needs of your industry, automobile or communication system
Analogysemi Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly from the industry-leading analog design enterprises Texas Instruments (Ti) and Adi, with an average of more than 15 years of experience in integrated circuit market, design, test, operation and mass production. Analog semiconductors provide high-precision sigma delta analog-to-digital converters. These converters are leading the industry in terms of 8-32 bit characteristics, power, size and resolution. All sigma delta converters are easy to use. Generally speaking, the primary resistance-capacitance filter can be equipped with anti-mixing filter, which means it is easier for engineers to use. Many combinations have internal reference and editable gain amplifiers to optimize the circuit
Number CH (#) Resolution (Bit) Output Data Rate Competitor Download
ADX128AMSOP10 2(4) 20 7143 AD7703 NULL
ADX128AQFN10 2⑷ 20 7143 MAX 11205/6/7/8/ 9 NULL
ADX126AMSOP10 2⑷ 20 3571 AD7785 NULL
ADX515ASOP20 1(2) 24 30K ADS1255, SG58600SOP NULL
ADX516ASOP28 4(8) 24 30K ADS1256, SG58601SOP NULL
ADX517AQFN20 2⑷ 24 30K ADS1257, SG58602QFN NULL
ADX520AQFN28 4(8) 24 60K SG58601, SG58601QFN NULL
ADX521AQFN20 2⑷ 24 30K SG58600QFN NULL
ADX514ASOP20 4(4) 24 30K ADS1254E NULL
ADX3204AQFP64 4 24 1K/64K ADS131E04 NULL
ADX3206AQFP64 6 24 1K/64K ADS131E06 NULL
ADX3208AQFP64 8 24 1K/64K ADS131E08 NULL
ADX3204ABGA64 4 24 1K/64K ADS131E04 NULL
ADX3206ABGA64 6 24 1K/64K ADS131E06 NULL
ADX3208ABGA64 8 24 1K/64K ADS131E08 NULL
ADX512AQFN20 3(6) 24 30K / NULL
ADX513AQFN20 3(5) 24 30K / NULL
ADX522AQFN20 2(4) 24 30K / NULL
ADX523AQFN28 4(8) 24 30K / NULL
ADX524AQFN20 2(4) 24 60K / NULL
ADX525AQFN28 4(8) 24 60K / NULL
ADX821ASSOP24 2 32 4000 ADS1281 NULL
ADX822ASSOP28 2 32 4000 ADS1282 NULL
ADX823AQFN24 2 32 4000 ADS1283 NULL
ADX827AQFN24 1 32 4000 ADS1287 NULL
ADX823QAQFN24 2 32 4000 ADS1283 NULL
ADX824QAQFN24 2 32 4000 ADS1284 NULL
ADX827QAQFN24 1 32 4000 ADS1287 NULL