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everspinEverspin MRAM是一种具有革命性的存储器,其原理是利用电子自旋的磁性结构,来提供不会产生损耗的非挥发特性。Everspin MRAM可在集成了硅电路的磁性材料中存储信息,以在单一、可无限使用的组件中提供SRAM的速度以及闪存的非挥发特性。Everspin是从飞思卡尔半导体公司分离出来的一家独立公司。2006年,Everspin推出业界第一款商业化MRAM产品。今日,Everspin MRAM已广泛用在数据存储、工业自动化、游戏、能源管理、通讯、运输、和航空电子领域。
ES1GB-U201 U.2 Accelerator


The ES1GB-U201 is a U.2 form factor NVMe card based on Everspin’s STT-MRAM products and Simultaneous Block mode (NVMe) and Byte Mode (PCIe Direct Memory Access). They offer extremely low and predictable latency and are power fail safe without system support requirements.

Highlights Applications ES1GB-U201
•  1GB Storage Capacity •  Power Fail Safe Data & Metadata Cache/Buffer
•  PCIe Gen3 x4 •  Burst Data Deserializer
•  U.2 2.5” form factor •  Database and Application Accelerators
•  NVMe 1.1+ in block mode •  Storage Accelerator For All Flash Storage
•  Memory mapped IO (MMIO) in byte mode     Array (FSA)
•  Ultra-low access latency (uS) •  File System Accelerator (Parallel & Serial)
•  Consistent latency (short tail) •  Power Fail Safe Software Defined Storage
•  Customer defined features using own RTL •  Power Fail Safe Software And NVMe RAID
   with programmable FPGA •  OLTP Log Cache Acceleration
•  Development license for NVMe core IP •  Storage Fabric (Network) Accelerators
  •  Shared Remote Persistent Memory