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everspinEverspin MRAM是一种具有革命性的存储器,其原理是利用电子自旋的磁性结构,来提供不会产生损耗的非挥发特性。Everspin MRAM可在集成了硅电路的磁性材料中存储信息,以在单一、可无限使用的组件中提供SRAM的速度以及闪存的非挥发特性。Everspin是从飞思卡尔半导体公司分离出来的一家独立公司。2006年,Everspin推出业界第一款商业化MRAM产品。今日,Everspin MRAM已广泛用在数据存储、工业自动化、游戏、能源管理、通讯、运输、和航空电子领域。
ES1GB-N03 nvNITRO™ PCIe HHHL Accelerator Card


The ES1GB-N03 nvNITRO™ Accelerator Card is a PCIe HHHL card based on Everspin’s STT-MRAM products and an NVMe protocol that delivers greater than 1.5 Million random write, write/read or read IOPS with 6μs latency.  It supports full data integrity on a power failure and virtually unlimited endurance using Everspin nvNITRO™ Accelerators.

Highlights Applications ES1GB-N03
•  1GB storage capacity •  Power Fail Safe Data & Metadata Cache/Buffer
•  PCIe Gen3 x8, half-height, low profile card •  Burst Data Deserializer
•  NVMe 1.1+ in block mode •  Database and Application Accelerators
•  Memory mapped IO (MMIO) in byte mode •  Storage Accelerator For All Flash Storage
•  Ultra-low access latency (as low as 2μS) Array (FSA)
•  Consistent latency (short tail) •  File System Accelerator (Parallel & Serial)
•  Customer-defined features using own RTL •  Power Fail Safe Software Defined Storage
with programmable FPGA •  Power Fail Safe Software and NVMe RAID
•  General purpose accelerator development •  OLTP Log Cache Acceleration
platform with programmable onboard FPGA, •  Storage Fabric (Network) Accelerators
Network SERDES, SATA, SODIMM etc. •  Shared Remote Persistent Memory
•  Development license for NVMe core IP