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STT-MRAM Technology Changes Status Quo

2019-12-16 10:00:57

So far, the storage technologies available to designers are volatile, which means that the data content in the memory is lost after a power failure. However, with EVERSPIN Technologies' 256Mb STT-MRAM, the system can now have high-performance memory like DRAM, but can provide persistent non-volatile data storage.
Figure 1: STT-MRAM
STT-MRAM stands for spin-transfer torque reluctance random access memory. Any data written to the STT-MRAM device is inherently persistent and does not require any batteries or supercapacitors. Data is captured by writing to a memory array that uses polarized currents to control electron spin. The performance of STT-MRAM is similar to DRAM, but no refresh is required. The currently available interface is ST-DDR3, which is very similar to the standard JEDEC DDR3. ST-DDR4 interface will be provided in the future, which will bring higher speed and larger capacity.

Some advantages of STT-MRAM technology are:
• Non-volatile data
• Performance characteristics similar to DRAM

• One billion times or more data durability
• DDR3 compatible package and future DDR4

Compatible footprints
• ST-DDR3 interface and future ST-DDR4 interface
• byte read and write (no block)
STT-MRAM is a new type of non-volatile magnetic random access memory that can write information through spin current. It is the second generation of magnetic memory MRAM. The core of the STT-MRAM memory cell is still an MTJ, which consists of two ferromagnetic layers with different thicknesses and a non-magnetic isolation layer with a thickness of several nanometers. It uses spin current to write information
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