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The tact switch is also called a push button switch. When used to meet the operating force, the pressure switch function is closed and connected to the switch operation direction. When the pressure is withdrawn, the switch will be disconnected. Its internal structure is realized by the force change of metal elastic fragments.
The tact switch consists of: insert, base, shrapnel, button, cover plate. The waterproof tact switch adds a layer of polyimide film on the shrapnel. The tact switch has small contact resistance and accurate operation error. Advantages in terms of diversification of specifications.
Dust-proof Tactile Switches R2996

•  Rating12VDC 50mA
•  Travel1.5±0.3mm
•  Life100,000 cycles
•  Contact Resistance100mΩ MAX Initial
•  Insulation Resistance100mΩ min. 100VDC
•  Dielectric Strength250VAC(50/60Hz)FOR 1MIN
•  Operating Force135±50gf 300±80gf 400± 80gf
 Dust-proof Tactile Switches Figure R2996 Tactile Switches Structure Diagram R2996  Switches Structure Diagram R2996      Switch Structure Diagram R2996


Part Number Rating Contact Resistance Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Operating Force Travel Life Download
R2996-1-X-X-X-B 12VDC 50mA 100mΩ MAX Initial 100mΩ min. 100VDC 250VAC(50/60Hz)FOR 1MIN 135±50gf 300±80gf 400± 80gf 1.5±0.3mm 100,000 cycles NULL