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  PSRAM  is dynamic RAM with built-in refresh and address-control circuitry to make it behave similarly to static RAM (SRAM). It combines the high density of DRAM with the ease of use of true SRAM. PSRAM (made by Numonyx) is used in the Apple iPhone and other embedded systems such as XFlar Platform.
    Some DRAM components have a "self-refresh mode". While this involves much of the same logic that is needed for pseudo-static operation, this mode is often equivalent to a standby mode. It is provided primarily to allow a system to suspend operation of its DRAM controller to save power without losing data stored in DRAM, rather not to allow operation without a separate DRAM controller as is the case with PSRAM.
Density Voltage Part No. Speed Temp. Organization Download
256Mb 1.8V / 1.8V W958D6DBC 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 16Mbit x16 CRAM-ADM NULL
256Mb 1.8V / 1.8V W968D6DAG 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 16Mbit x16 CRAM NULL
128Mb 1.8V / 1.8V W957D6HBC 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 8Mbit x16 CRAM-ADM NULL
128Mb 1.8V / 1.8V W967D6HBG 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 8Mbit x16 CRAM NULL
64MB 1.8V W966D6HBG 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 4Mbit x16 CRAM NULL
64MB 1.8V W956D6HBC 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 4Mbit x16 CRAM-ADM NULL
64MB 1.8V W956D6KBK 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 4Mbit x16 CRAM-ADM NULL
32MB 1.8V W956K6HBC 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 2Mbit x16 CRAM-ADM NULL
32MB 1.8V W966K6HBG 133MHz / 70ns -40~85℃ 2Mbit x16 CRAM NULL
16M 1.7V--1.95V MT45W1MW16PDGA-70 70ns -40~85℃ -- NULL
16M 1.7V--1.95V MT45W1MW16BDGB-701 70ns -40~85℃ -- NULL