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HitStoneMicro (Xiamen) Integrated Circuit Co.,Dianjingwei (Xiamen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. is a technology-intensive and talent-intensive high-tech enterprise. After years of independent research and development, it has gradually formed a series of integrated circuit products such as analog-to-digital conversion and lithium battery management. Especially in the aspect of high-precision measurement and control, through years of technical accumulation, it has broken through relevant technical barriers, and mastered the key technologies of lithium battery pack protection, control and measurement MCU and high-precision analog-to-digital conversion chip design technology.
Lithium battery pack protection chip HSM12X0 series

The HSM12X0 series of lithium battery pack protection chips include HSM1220, HSM1230 and HSM1240. This series of chips integrates a high-precision ADC, which can collect the voltage, current and temperature signals of the battery pack and transmit the data to the host microcontroller through the I2C interface. The chip also has simple overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection, and supports passive equalization.
The HSM12X0 series chips can be used as part of a monitoring and protection solution for 3-15 series battery packs. Through I2C communication, the MCU can use the HSM12X0 to perform battery management functions such as monitoring (cell voltage, pack current, pack temperature), protection (controlling charge/discharge FETs), and pack balancing functions. An integrated analog-to-digital converter enables a purely digital readout of the MCU's key battery pack parameters (voltage, current, and temperature), the calibration of which is handled during manufacturing. The HSM12X0 is designed with low power consumption in mind. It can control the power consumption of the entire chip by enabling/disabling sub-modules in the integrated circuit IC, and can switch the battery pack to an ultra-low power consumption state using SHIP mode.


Features • Additional features
• Analog front-end AFE monitoring features - Integrated Cell Balancing Field Effect Transistor FET
- Pure digital interface - Charge and discharge low-side NCH FET driver
- A 14bit ADC measures battery voltage, on-chip temperature and off-chip temperature - Alarm interrupt to host microcontroller
- A 16bit ADC to measure battery pack current (Coulomb charge counter) - 2.5V or 3.3V LDO output
- Supports up to three thermistors (103AT) - No EEPROM programming required
• Hardware protection features - High supply voltage absolute maximum (up to 108V)
- Over discharge current (OCD) - Simple I2C compatible interface (Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) option)
- Discharge Short Circuit (SCD) - Support out-of-order power on and off
- Overvoltage (OV Application
- Undervoltage (UV) • Lightweight electric vehicles such as electric bicycles
- Secondary protector fault detection • Power tools, gardening tools
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other energy storage systems
  • Various battery packs such as 12V, 18V, 24V, 36V and 48V