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EB5REB1 is an ultra-low-power IoT Bluetooth wireless communication chip, equipped with a 32-bit ARM MCU, with ultra-low power consumption, high performance and wireless multi-mode features, and supports BLE functions for security, applications and wireless updates. At the same time, its serial peripheral IO and integrated application IP will also bring customers a low-cost advantage. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) transparent transmission chip EB5REB1 application scenarios: smart wearable devices, Bluetooth indoor navigation, smart home, smart buildings, medical health, sports and fitness, smart industry, retail payment, information security, data transmission, remote control, personal Peripherals and Internet of Things (IoT)
• Using TSMC’s 40nm uLP eFlash Internet of Things state-of-the-art technology
• Achieve 1uA power consumption under timed sleep
• Realize 0.7uA timing sleep current under extremely low core voltage
• 500ms connection status 30uA
• The products are benchmarked against the most advanced international products, including Nordic52840
• Support QFN4x4/5x5 package
• Support WLCSP encapsulation.
• Full-spec 5.1: LR, 2Mpbs, AdvExt, AoA, AoD.
• Full specifications: extended broadcast, periodic broadcast, multi-broadcast set, CTE, etc.
• Full function: multi-role multi-connection multi-state concurrency, support scatternet, support Mesh
• Highly optimized: data is copied only once from app to RF
• Customizable: number of connections, number of broadcast sets
• Cross IDE: Keil/IAR/SEGGER/Gnu/…
• Cross-language: C/C++/Nim/JavaScript (planned)
• Cross-platform: Windows/Linux/MacOS
• Easy to use: graphical project wizard, data editor
It has the same or higher performance characteristics as foreign products, has lower cost, and can replace and surpass foreign high-end chips

Part Number BLE Stack Sensitivity (dBm)  Core Vdd RAM ROM GPIO ADC Download
EB6REB1 BLE5.1 -97dbm@1Mbps 4dbm 32-bit RISC MCU 3.63V~1.62V 128KB 512KB 20 5 channels 10-bit ADC NULL
EB5REB1 BLE5.0 -102dbm@125kbps 4dbm 32-bit RISC MCU 3.63V~1.62V 128KB 512KB 20 5 channels 10-bit ADC NULL
CSR1020 BLE5.0 -92dbm@1Mbps 4dbm 8051 3.6V~1.8V 8KB 128KB/256KB 21 8 channels 12-bit ADC NULL
nRF52832 BLE5.0 96dbm@1Mbps 4dbm 32-bit Cortex-M4 3.6V~1.7V 64KB/32KB 256Kb/512KB 12 8 channels 12-bit ADC NULL
DA14586 BLE5.0 93dbm@1Mbps 0.-20dBm 32-bit Cortex-M0 3.6V~2.3V 96KB 2MB(SIP) 24 4 channels 10-bit ADC NULL
CC2640R2F BLE5.0 97dbm@1Mbps 5.0dbm 32-bit Cortex-M3 3.6V~1.8V 28KB 128KB 10/14/15/31 8 channels 12-bit ADC NULL