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The Infrared thermopile Sensor converts the absorbed infrared radiation into heat energy, and converts the temperature change into an electronic signal, which is enlarged and displayed.
As a non-contact infrared temperature sensor, thermopile can quickly measure the surface temperature of the object without directly contacting the measured object. It can measure high temperature, dangerous or moving objects without polluting or damaging the measured object.
UTP-STF55B Infrared Thermopile Sensor

The Infrared Thermopile Sensor  has the function of reliability and high precision
1)Non-contact temperature measurements
2) Ear thermometers,Forehead thermometer
3) Home appliance temperature measurement
TP3143 红外热电堆传感器
 Chip Size:
 1.2X1.2mm2  Sensitive Area:  0.8X 0.8mm2
 FIeld of view:  80°  Resistance:  140±30kΩ
 Noise voltage:  29±2nV/Hz1/2 
 Temp Coefficient 
 Time Constant:
 Specific Detectivity:
 0.63 E08cmHz1/2/W
 Thermistor     Resistance:
 100 ± 2%KΩ
 3950 ± 1%K
 Operating Temp:
 Storage Temp:
Test conditions: 1. Temperature = 25 ° C 2. 500K, 5.5μm, (long pass) 3. 500K, 1 Hz
Infrared Thermopile Sensor application products:  
TP3143红外热电堆传感器额温枪应用解决方案  TP3143红外热电堆传感器额耳枪应用解决方案 TP3143红外热电堆传感器人体测温仪应用解决方案