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Jeju Semiconductor is one of the world largest SRAM solutions provider for mobile applications.Since Jeju Semiconductor made a debut to the SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) market in 2001 with 4M SRAM, Jeju Semiconductor continued implementing full lineup of low power SRAM products through 1M, 2M, 4M to 8M SRAM. Jeju Semiconductor's SRAM products have been recognized as the most robust low power memory solutions that can steadily operates under any rigor of the environment a mobile cellular handset may go through. Jeju Semiconductor has been recognized by world leading cellular handset manufacturer as one of the most reliable SRAM manufacturers.

Density Data width Part number Voltage Option Max Frequancy Package Type Download
512Mbit x16 JS812164PAH-50x 1.7~1.95V mSDR 200MHz 60B (8x9x1.0mm) NULL
512Mbit x32 JS812324PAJ-50x 1.7~1.95V mSDR 200MHz 90B (8x13x1.0mm)) NULL
256Mbit x16 EM856164PAY-75Ux 1.7~1.95V mSDR 133MHz 54B (8x8x1.2mm) NULL
256Mbit x16 EM856164PCY-60x 1.7~1.95V mSDR 166MHz 54B (8x8x1.2mm) NULL
256Mbit x32 JS856324PAH-50x 1.7~1.95V mSDR 200MHz 90B (8x13x1.0mm) NULL
128Mbit x16 EM828164PCY-60x 1.7~1.95V mSDR 166MHz 54B (8x8x1.2mm) NULL