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Intel Says FinFET-Based Embedded MRAM is Production-Ready By Dylan McGrath, 02.2

2019-02-25 13:59:45

Intel gave further details on its technique for embedding spin-transfer torque (STT)-MRAM into devices using its 22-nm FinFET process, pronouncing the technology ready for high-volume manufacturing. Embedded MRAM is considered a promising technology for applications such as internet of things (IoT) devices.
In a paper presented at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference here Tuesday, Intel said that it has used a “write-verify-write” scheme and a two-stage current sensing technique to create 7-Mb perpendicular STT-MRAM arrays in its 22FFL FinFET process. The company had provided early details of its success in developing the first FinFET-based MRAM devices last year at the International Electron Devices Meeting.
The embedded MRAM technology achieves 10-year retention at 200°C and endurance of more than 106 switching cycles, said Ligiong Wei, an Intel engineer who presented the paper Tuesday. The arrays have demonstrated write endurance of more than 1E06 cycles and read disturb error rate of more than 1E12 cycles, Wei said.
In addition to high endurance, the 22-nm embedded MRAM technology boasts robust yields, with a bit yield rate of greater than 99.9%, according to Wei. However, manufacturing the devices requires error-correction code bits, increasing the size and power budget of the design, Wei said.
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