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Applications for Battery Backed SRAMs

2017-12-22 12:00:41

SRAM is faster and demands less power than DRAM. It is used where either low power or bandwidth are required. SRAM is also easier to control and more truly random access than modern DRAM types. SRAM is also used in PCs, routers, workstations and peripheral equipment: internal CPU caches and external burst mode SRAM caches, router buffers and hard disk buffers, among others. LCD screens and printers also use SRAM in order to hold the image to be printed or displayed. Small SRAM buffers are also found in CD-ROM and CD-RW drives.
Density Org. Part number Vcc Speed(ns) Pkg(Pins)
32Mb 2Mx16 IS61WV204816ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 10,12 TSOP1(48),BGA(48)
32Mb 2Mx16 IS64WV204816BLL 2.4-3.6V 12 TSOP1(48),BGA(48)
16Mb 512Kx32 IS61WV51232ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 BGA(90)
16Mb 2Mx8 IS61WV20488ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
16Mb 2Mx8 IS62WV20488ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 25,35 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
16Mb 1Mx16 IS61WV102416EDALL/BLL 2.4~3.6 10 TSOP1(48),BGA(48)
16Mb 1Mx16 IS61WV102416DALL/BLL 2.4~3.6 10 TSOP1(48),BGA(48)
16Mb 1Mx16 IS61WV102416ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP1(48),BGA(48)
16Mb 1Mx16 IS62WV102416ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 25,35 TSOP1(48),BGA(48)
16Mb 2Mx8 IS64WV20488BLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
16Mb 1Mx16 IS64WV102416DBLL 2.4-3.6V 12 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
16Mb 1Mx16 IS64WV102416BLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
8Mb 256Kx32 IS61WV25632ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 BGA(90)
8Mb 1Mx8 IS61WV10248EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
8Mb 512Kx16 IS61WV51216EDALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
8Mb 1Mx8 IS61WV10248ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
8Mb 512Kx16 IS61WV51216ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
8Mb 512Kx16 IS64WV51216EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
4Mb 512Kx8 IS61WV5128EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(36)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS61WV25616EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
4Mb 512Kx8 IS61WV5128ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44),BGA(36)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS61WV25616ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
4Mb 512Kx8 IS64WV5128EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(36)
4Mb 512Kx8 IS61C5128AL 5V 10,12 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44)
4Mb 512Kx8 IS61C5128AS 5V 25 SOP(36),sTSOP1(32),TSOP2(32)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS61C25616AL 5V 10 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS61C25616AL 5V 10 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS61C25616AS 5V 25 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS61C25616AS 5V 25 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS64WV25616BLL/BLS 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
4Mb 256Kx16 IS64WV25616EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
3Mb 128Kx24 IS61LV12824 3.3V 8,10 BGA(119),QFP(100)
2Mb 128Kx16 IS61WV12816EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
2Mb 256Kx8 IS61WV2568EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44),BGA(36)
2Mb 128Kx16 IS61WV12816DALL/DBLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,12,20 TSOP2(32),BGA(48)
2Mb 256Kx8 IS64WV2568EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44),BGA(36)
2Mb 128Kx16 IS64WV12816EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
1Mb 64Kx16 IS64WV6416EEBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
1Mb 128Kx8 IS61WV1288EEBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(32),BGA(48),sTSOP1(32),SOJ(32.3)
1Mb 128Kx8 IS63WV1288DALL/DBLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,12,20 TSOP2(32),BGA(48),sTSOP1(32),SOJ(32.3)
1Mb 64Kx16 IS61WV6416EEBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),SOJ(44),BGA(48)
1Mb 64Kx16 IS64WV6416BLL 2.5-3.6V 15 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
1Mb 64Kx16 IS61C6416AL 5V 12 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44)
1Mb 128Kx8 IS61C1024AL 5V 12 SOJ(32.3),SOJ(32.4),TSOP1(32),sTSOP(32)
1Mb 64Kx16 IS64C6416AL 4.5-5.5V 15 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44)
1Mb 64Kx16 IS61WV6416DBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10,12 TSOP2(44),SOJ(44),BGA(48)
1Mb 128Kx8 IS64C1024AL 5V 15 SOJ(32.4),TSOP1(32)
512Kb 32Kx16 IS61C3216AL 5V 12 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44)
512Kb 32Kx16 IS61WV3216DBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10,12 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
256Kb 32Kx8 IS65C256AL 5V 25,45 SOP(28),TSOP1(28)
256Kb 32Kx8 IS65LV256AL 3.3V 15 TSOP2(44),BGA(48)
256Kb 32Kx8 IS61LV256AL 3.3V 10 SOJ(28),TSOP1(28)
256Kb 32Kx8 IS61C256AL 5V 10,12 SOJ(28),TSOP1(28)
64Kb 8Kx8 IS61C64AL 5V 10 SOJ(28),TSOP1(28)