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SSD Application ST-MRAM

2016-12-29 16:03:32

256Mb MRAM's Features:

•       Non-volatile 256Mb DDR3 utilizing Spin-Torque MRAM
•       DDR3-1866 ST-MRAM (933MHz)
•       64Mbx4, 32Mbx8, and 16Mbx16 configurations with 512 bit page
•       Supports Standard DDR3 SDRAM Features
         -----Timing modifications for ACTIVATE and PRECHARGE commands
•       Burst length: 8 (programmable Burst Chop of 4)
•       DDR3 SDRAM Standard FBGA Package Pinout:
        ---- 78 -Ball x4/x8 and 96 -Ball x16
        ---- 10mm x 15mm Package Size proposed
•       Supports programmable CAS write latency (CWL) & posted CAS
•       VDD = 1.5V , VDDQ = VDD
•       On-device termination

Storage Solutions craving ST-MRAM:

•       ST-MRAM complements solid state & magnetic storage
•       Improved response time due to low latency & high bandwidth

Solving Enterprise Storage data integrity issues

•       Number 1 Priority: Cannot lose data if power fails !
•       Historically using batteries/caps to protect data in RAM

Power Disruption Decision Time:

MRAM Manages Power Down Issues

•       Avoid the Panic - keep the data in a true NV Memory with unlimited endurance
•       Unlimited endurance allows critical data to be written whenever it changes
•       No need to save on power fail when the data is already in MRAM
•       No external Vcap, batteries or Super Caps required
•       Eliminates external power storage that keeps the system alive for a few precious milliseconds which saves $$
•       Reduced power management and software
•       Power fail detection can be simpler
•       Simplifies the power fail interrupt
•       Use MRAM as the working memory

Enterprise SSD

Skyera Solid State Storage Appliance

MRAM Eliminated Capacitor-Backed RAM

By using MRAM in its MLC NAND Flash-based enterprise solid-state storage systems, Skyera provide customers with enhanced data center fault recovery, reduced system downtime and lower total cost of ownership, without the drawbacks of capacitor-backed RAM solutions. The fast write speed and non-volatility of MRAM allowed Skyera to overcome any point of failure within the system memory while providing the best possible performance to enterprise-class applications.

MRAM in Enterprise SSD Applications

Compared to alternative non-volatile RAM solutions, MRAM eliminates the need for external components such as resistors, capacitors, batteries or super-capacitors including additional power fail logic circuitry. Theelimination of these components improves data fidelity and system form factor while providing the most reliable solution at the overall lowest cost. By enhancing data center and networking fault recovery, MRAM can reduce system downtime and also simplify system design providing an overall lower total cost of ownership.
Buffalo Memory SSD

Buffalo Memory Company, Ltd., a subsidiary of Buffalo, Inc., a worldwide leader in the storage, memory and network equipment market is now developing SSD's with ST-MRAM for the industrial market.

Buffalo Memory has been working on a highly reliable SSD for the industrial market and will strengthen its product line by releasing ST-MRAM cached SSD with 2.5inch form-factor and SATA3 interface in order to provide power fail endurance, higher speed and higher consistency.
The new SSD will be launched for the applications in which ultimate reliability is required.

ST-MRAM Module Products

Highest Performance NVMe SSD

Application Development Platform

1.5M 4KB Random Writes

6us Write Latency