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Where does MRAM fit into the Internet of Things?

2018-05-03 17:13:00

As a fast-write, non-volatile memory, MRAM potentially has many applications in support of the Internet of Things.  
Many IoT applications will be functioning in intermittent access or batch mode
MRAM is perfect for applications where fast-write working memory data must be continually updated yet preserved between batch read accesses or when power is lost.
IoT applications in which periods of standby are frequent or of long duration, yet instant-on is required
For an application to be instantly ready for operation, access to data as well as code is critical.
MRAM is non-volatile and will preserve data for up to 20 years, yet has a very fast on-time to write.
Very Low Power Battery-Powered Equipments
For maximum battery life the equipment must spend a lot of time in deep sleep mode.
MRAM can be powered down completely; zero energy consumption, yet data are non-volatile and MRAM has a very fast power-up write time.