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Emerson Network Power

2017-12-14 16:58:56

The MVME7100 industrial computer board from Emerson Network Power uses MRAM for critical data and program storage, allowing Emerson's customers to enjoy the ability to capture system data logs without concern for memory wear-out or data backup during a power failure.
The data is always non-volatile in MRAM after every write. Customers also can take advantage of MRAM's ability to be frequently updated with new programs and data. In secure applications, MRAM can hold both security keys and the security algorithms that can be updated frequently during operation without concern for memory wear-out like traditional Flash. Plus, potential threats to security are less worrisome to customers because MRAM can be erased in just milliseconds should a concern or compromising situation suddenly arise
MRAM in Industrial Computing Applications
Everspin MRAM has become a popular choice for storing critical non-volatile data and frequently changing programs in industrial computing products used as building blocks in a variety of industrial, medical and military/aerospace platforms. MRAM provides a preferable solution for applications that traditionally relied on battery-backed SRAM because it offers the same fast read/write speed and unlimited endurance, longer 20-year data retention without power and superior high temperature performance.