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Hall sensor is a magnetic field sensor made according to Hall effect. Hall effect is a basic method to study the properties of semiconductor materials. The Hall coefficient measured by Hall effect experiment can judge the important parameters of semiconductor materials, such as the conductive type, carrier concentration and carrier mobility. It is sensitive to magnetic field, simple in structure, small in size, wide in frequency response, large in output voltage variation and long in service life. Therefore, it is widely used in measurement, automation, computer and information technology.
SPARC Semiconductors is a Semiconductor IDM,it founded in 2018.headquartered in Wuxi / China, focusing on Sensors, Power, Analog & RF Components. It is part of and stands for Smart Sensors System is committed to the sensor uses IATF16949 certified internal FAB with mature processeshas Backside-vertical Hall technology, which grants our 2D/3D Hall sensors an outstanding performance.

Hall Current Sensor Product---SCHCSAA

Hall current sensor SCHCSAA has the advantages of miniaturization and high cost efficiency, no magnetic core or shielding is required, and the assembly is simple and flexible. 
TheSCHCSAAcan be used directly on top ofPCB or Bus Barprimary current conductor and detects the lateralmagnetic field generated by the primary current.The chip has two different Hall Sensor areas which can be configured inAdditive Mode (for maximumsensitivity enhancement)or inDifferential Mode (for additional stray field compensation).

Major features  
•AEC-Q100 qualified •Optional differential operational mode for external
•4 kV ESD(HBM),1kV ESD (CDM) stray field suppression
•Operating temperature range: -40°C~ +150°C •RatiometricorFixedOutput Range mode
•Supply voltage range: 4.5V~5.5V •Supply Under Voltage and Over Voltage detection
•Unique Backside VerticalHallSensor Technology •P2P MX91208
for sensingoflateral magneticfields  
•User programmable sensitivity, zero magnetic TargetApplications
field output voltage and temperature drift •BLDC Motor Control
•Very large sensitivity programming range •EV and HEV Inverter
•User programmable bandwidth 10~120 kHz, •AC/DC and DC/DC Converters 
3µsecstepresponse (120 kHz BW) •Smart Fuse 

Hall 3D Linear Sensor Product---SCH3DAB

The SPARC SCH3DAB3D Linear Hall Sensoris targeted toIndustrial, Automotive and Consumer applicationsrequiringRaw 3D Magnetic Field Output Data.
Due to its unique construction made of4 circularly arranged 3D Hall Sensor Pixelsand using SPARChigh sensitivity Hall Vertical Halltechnology, in combination with the extensive programming features, the SCH3DAB can serve a huge variety of applications inPosition and Angle sensing, HMI functions, Robotics and Automation.
With3 programmable Power Modesand anUltra Low Power Consumptionin Sleep mode, the part is well suited topower sensitive applications, including battery driven devices.

Major features    
•AEC-Q100 Grade 1 -Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient
•2 kV ESD (HBM), 500V ESD (CDM) -Interrupt to Controller with flexible thre sholds
•Operating temperature range:-40~ +125°C (incremental or absolute)
•Supply voltage range:2.6~3.6V •Power Saving by multiple Power Modes:
•Quad 3D Pixel Array Active, Inactive, Sleep
•Fully Factory calibrated over full Temperature Range •Wake-up by low frequency timer, by Interrupt Pin 
•DigitaluCInterface: I2C Bus, 1 MHz max., or via I2C Bus
dedicatedtri-statepins for hardware Slave address setting •Supply Under Voltage and Over Voltage Detection
•High Flexibility by Customer Programmability: Target Applications
-Measurement Modes (Continuous, Single, Burst) •Sensing of 3D magnetic fields (e.g. Joystick)
-Speed / ADC Conversion Rate •Angular Measurement  
-Sensitivity •Linear Position and Movement Measurement